Tab groups add-on which has been built to replace Panorama works in Firefox 45 or later versions. Mozilla will remove Tab Groups from Firefox in version 45, the company has already set the bug status of covert Panorama into add-on as Won’t Fix, on the other side, present users, who are using Tab groups won’t lose data after its removal, because existing tab groups will be automatically copied into bookmarks folder.

Only 0.01% users are using the Panorama feature, if you’re one of those and feel sad about its demise, an add-on Tab Groups is now available on AMO before it was gone. This add-on currently supports Firefox 45 or greater versions only.

Firefox Tab groups Add-on

Note:  You need to change xpinstall.signatures.required value false to install the add-on in Firefox 45 nightly. After installing Tab groups, add-on’s icon (same Panorama icon) appears on the navigational bar.

Does Tab groups add-on works together with Panorama? Or does it have any compatibility issues?

You shouldn’t be using the Tab groups add-on when the Panorama is in use or open.

Firefox Tab Groups add-on

“Please do not open Panorama if you use this extension and Panorama is not yet removed from Firefox. If you have opened Panorama, you have to restart your browser to make this add-on work again since Panorama registers some event listeners that conflict with our code.”

Tab groups replacement add-on is still unstable, the developer wants users to try the add-on when it becomes stable and ready for daily use.

Download Tab groups add-on from AMO

Mozilla has already suggested users to use Bookmarks sidebar, Pocket and tabs category and tabs tree add-ons as tab groups alternatives, you’ve already found an alternative to tab groups in the form of an add-on now with the same name.