How many menu items of a menu in Firefox browser do you actually access or use? If your answer is not that many? Go and customize Firefox menus or context menus by removing unused or not used items by using the Menu Filter add-on.

Remove Unnecessary Menu Items in Firefox with Menu Filter

Using Menu Filter is pretty simple, install the add-on from Mozilla add-ons site.

Firefox Menu Filter

Visit add-ons Manager, click on ‘Options’ for ‘MF’, select a menu (by default Main Context Menu was chosen by default) and select, and hide the menu item you don’t want to show up in the Firefox browser.

For instance, if you don’t Pin or Un Pin tabs in Firefox browser, you can get rid of ‘Pin Tab’ and ‘Unpin Tab’ items from the Tab Context Menu.

Tip: To hide multiple commands, hold Ctrl button on the keyboard and select the items one by one and click on ‘Hide Selected‘ button, done.

hide tab context menu items

If you’ve changed your mind, you can unhide or show the selected items again.

Have you found Menu filter add-on for Firefox useful?