Microsoft has pushed a major update ‘November Update to Windows 10‘, which is now available to download via Windows Update. If you’re already on Windows 10 build 10240, the build you’ll receive is 10586 and its version number is 1511 (means November 2015), after installing this update your PC system properties dialog should show Windows 10 <edition> version 1511. build 10586. For instance, for Pro edition, it should show as ‘Windows 10 Pro version 1511 build 10586′.

Reasons for not getting Windows 10 November update

1  Windows 10 upgrade should’ve happened 31 days ago: If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 recently, which is not less than 31 days ago, you need to wait till 31 days to be passed after that, your PC will automatically download the November update.

Windows Update downloading Novermber update for Windows 10

2. One other reason you’re not getting November update is you’ve defer upgrades option turned on, disable that by visiting  Settings > Windows Update & Security, click on ‘Advanced options’ and uncheck ‘Defer upgrades’

3. Visit Windows 10 download page if you’ve uninstalled the ‘November update’ already: If you’ve installed the update, and uninstalled it, then you won’t get November update via Windows Update, to reinstall it, you need to visit Windows 10 software download page and select ‘Upgrade now’ button, which upgrades your PC to Windows 10 version 1511, that includes November Update.

You can now activate Windows 10 with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 key 

4. Microsoft servers are busy or the update is not yet pushed to your Country. You need to wait patiently, or use Media Creation Tool to upgrade to the latest version.

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