A new update for Opera developer 35 has been released an available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Opera developer 35.0.2060.0 has removed mute all tabs button, enabled Simple Settings page by default and offers separate Search box in the address bar (user can enable this by visiting Settings).

Simple Settings page introduced in the previous build was hidden behind a flag, Opera desktop team has enabled it by default with this update.

Simple Settings

A new Search hint will appear in the address bar to new users or to users who haven’t performed Searches from the address bar, Users can easily dismiss this reminder by clicking on ‘Got it’ button.

Opera 35 lets you mute tabs, it also lets you mute all tabs. This update has removed ‘Mute all tabs’ button and added ‘Mute other tabs’ to context menu.

Old-Style separate Search box revisited, if you want, you can enable it in the address bar

Search hint

By visiting Settings > User Interface , check ‘Enable search box in the address bar’

Opera 35 with seperate search box in address bar

Frame Color awareness

If you turn on Frame Color awareness flag on Windows 10 Threshold 2 with colored tabs for title bar already enabled, then the color of tab bar buttons – New tab and tab menu will be changed to different (white) color.

Download Opera 35.0.2060.0 developer