Opera 35 adds a Mute button for a tab or whole browser. Chromium based Opera already displays Audio Indicator on tabs with active music playback, latest Opera 35 dev has added a mute button for audio playing tab or whole browser, you’re right, You can mute a selected tab or completely mute the sound coming from the browser by clicking on the button next to Heart icon. Opera team internally calling this feature as ‘Mute me bab

y’. mute-me-baby

Opera 35 now warns you when you try to close the browser when you’ve unfinished (active or pause) downloads.

unfinished download warning

Opera 34 enables ‘Cancel Download’ button

Opera 34 update adds ‘Download in Progress’ warning dialog

You can hide or show bookmarks bar in Opera by clicking on its menu > Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar, most users don’t know about this.

But the Company wants to offer a easier way for the users to disable or enable the bookmarks bar in their browser. An easier way has been given:  from this version onwards, a user can turn on or off the bookmarks bar ‘while adding a bookmark or in the bookmarks manager general view’.


To access most often used settings from one place and to Opera desktop team has set up a Simple Settings page, it was hidden by default. You can enable it by visiting this: browser://flags/?search=settings#simple-settings-page.

Download Opera 35 developer