Force virtual keyboard to automatically pop up for Firefox browser, even on non-touch Windows 10 devices. Starting with Firefox 43 (currently in beta), Firefox browser automatically pops up the on-screen keyboard when a text field is touched by the user on his Windows 10 tablet.

If you don’t have a touch screen (and using a Windows 10 computer with keyboard and mouse), don’t worry! You can still able to make On-screen keyboard to appear in Firefox browser, without need to disconnect the physical keyboard.

Firefox browser in Windows 10 tablet mode with on-screen keyboard

You must have Firefox 43 beta or higher installed to do this, because this version of “Firefox now automatically shows the on-screen touch keyboard on Windows 8 and higher”

1. In Windows 10, click on the Action Center icon, and select ‘Tablet mode

2. Open Firefox browser, visit about:config, find and change the preference ui.osk.detect_physical_keyboard value to false

3. Now OSK or virtual keyboard pops up automatically in Mozilla browser.

Virtual Keyboard (by Google) Google Chrome Extension is definite Aid On Public Computers from Keyloggers

Has this worked for you?