Mozilla has decided to remove Panorama from Firefox and started to work on it. Firefox Panorama introduced in Firefox 4, lets you organize open tabs into different tab groups, is going to be removed from Firefox.

Panorama aka Tab groups feature still exists in all channels of Firefox (you can activate it using Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut on Windows) has an estimate of 0.01% of users. We’ve reported two years back about Mozilla’s plan to remove Panorama and offer it as add-on, this has not happened, the bug status was set as WontFix.

tab groups will be removed warning

Company this time is serious and opened a bug with intention to remove Panorama and migrate existing tab groups somewhere.

“We’re removing panorama/tab groups/tabview, because it’s mostly unused (estimates around 0.01% of users, see bug 1210773 comment 6), because its quality is not exactly great, and because it incurs comparably (very) high costs in terms of maintenance”

But they’re mulling over how to prevent data loss that occurs for users with removal of feature and they’ve a discussion to follow either of below things.

  • migrate all the non-active tab groups into bookmark folders
  • migrate all the non-active tab groups into individual windows

They also want to give a heads up to users using Tab groups about this with a notification in tab groups it self like this :’ ‘Heads up! Tab groups will be removed from Firefox Soon, Learn more‘. This is a good way of preparing users. Once the feature was removed, they won’t be surprised or criticize Mozilla for the sudden change.