Firefox 43 beta for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for testing, doesn’t brings new features though, but you’ll be annoyed with Search with Google result for a Phrase or search query displayed by browser in the awesome bar in drop down and if you’ve allowed Firefox browser to improve search experience with suggestions, get ready to see search suggestions right in the address bar! These are fetched and displayed in real-time from default search engine.

Due to privacy concerns, Mozilla has not enabled the feature by default, as said before: if you’ve clicked ‘Yes’ to the notification shown in the awesome bar, Firefox adds ‘Show search suggestions in location bar results’ option in Search preferences and enables it.

Firefox url bar search with google

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Firefox 43 Search suggestions in awesome bar

If you don’t want Firefox URL bar to display ‘search with Google’

Visit about:config, find the preference named browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete’ and change its value to ‘false’

Similarly, if you don’t want to see search suggestions in the location bar

Change browser.urlbar.suggest.searches about:config preference value to ‘false’. Or visit Options > Search > uncheck ‘Show search suggestions in the location bar results’.

Do note that Firefox 43 is still in beta, when it reaches release channel, Mozilla may release it or withdraws the idea of showing search suggestions in the awesome bar and even the notification about it. Update: The feature is available.

UPDATE 18/12/2015Take a look at fixes to Firefox 43’s annoyances and changes below

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