Mozilla’s Firefox for iOS promotion gone horribly wrong and annoyed desktop Firefox users. Today, to a small percentage of users, Firefox has showed ‘Get Firefox on your iOS and Android devices. Get it Now‘ notification, this notification or ad which supposed to appear once, reappeared on restart of the browser.even when the user has closed the notification or clicked on ‘Get it Now’ button.

Mozilla has pushed this notification to users through Heartbeat feedback rating system to promote or let them know about their new Firefox for iOS product.

It’s a bug, that has spoiled Mozilla’s excitement and annoyed users. Mozilla has stopped the notification for now, if you’re still seeing it, you need to disable Heartbeat feedback feature to remove it.

Disable or Turn off  ‘Get Firefox on your iOS and Android devices’ ad

1 .Visit about:config

2. Find browser.selfsupport.url preference and change its value to ” and restart the browser.