Vivaldi beta version has been released and now available, so its no longer in Technical Preview for early-adopters, with Beta, it is also now for all power users and Opera fans out there. Vivaldi browser comes with five Search engines: Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Google.

Vivaldi has chosen Bing as default Search Provider in their beta, we don’t know this will change when final version releases. Anyway, let us see how to change default search engine in Vivaldi.

How to Change the default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Set Google as default Search Engine in Vivaldi

1 .Open Vivaldi browser, click on V menu, select Tools > Settings

2. Click on Search, you can notice Bing on top with other search engines and Google at the bottom of the list.

3. Move mouse cursor over Google, hover over tick mark on right and click on it to Set Google as default Search engine in Vivaldi.

Search Engines list in Vivaldi Search settings

4. Similarly, you can set any other search provider listed as default.

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