A week back on November 3rd, Twitter has changed favorite star icon to ‘heart’ saying the star was confusing to newcomers and Heart could be ¬†more expressive. You’re now seeing hearts on Twitter.com, do you want stars back in place of hearts for favorites on Twitter? A Chrome extension is now available on Web Store which does exactly that.

Change Twitter Favorite’s Heart Icon to Star in Chrome browser

Install the Fav Forver extension in Chrome browser and forget about hearts! You won’t see them as long as the extension is installed and enabled.

Twitter Favorite heart to star

Favstar.fm : Find Who Favorited Your Tweets on Twitter

This extension not only replaces the heart icon with star, but also the wording from ‘like’ to ‘favorite’. If an icon doesn’t make any difference in your opinion, then it’s fine and you don’t need this extension and the return of the star icon on Twitter.

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