Avira Browser Safety Extension has now P.U.A Shield built-in. ABS extension, once installed in browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Opera (not yet supported in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers), it blocks download of potentially unwanted applications on download portals (to avoid pups install on computer, try Unchecky, it unchecks third-party offer checkboxes in browsers also).

Yes! The user will be protected against these before they get downloaded onto their PC and presented with secure alternatives within their browser.

How to remove PUPs or Unwanted Programs using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

How Avira Browser Safety’s P.U.A Shield works

When you visit a software download site like download.com and try to download a program from it that has P.U.A included, you’ll be warned about the same and offered you an alternative software from a secured and more trusted site.

Avira browser safety unsafe download warning

Avira Browser Safety which blocks phishing or malware sites and shows safety indicators for sites, and includes tracker protection includes Avira Price comparison, this doesn’t fit in the extension which Avira claims to show best deals, you can visit extension options and disable it.

Avira browser Safety page

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