Guide to set up Avast Passwords password manager in Avast Free Antivirus. Avast Free Antivirus 2016 brings a new password manager feature, we’ll walk you through the steps from Avast Passwords Set up to installing its browser extensions.

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Avast Passwords Password Manager

If you’ve already installed Avast Free AV, open the Avast GUI, click on ‘Passwords’ and Continue.

Avast Passwords Overview

On ‘Passwords Overview’ screen, create a main password, make a note of it, if you forget it, you’ll be in trouble.

Create Main password

Install Avast Passwords extensions on chrome and Firefox browsers by following the on-screen instructions. You need to click on ‘install extension’ link provided opposite to Firefox or Chrome browser.

install Avast Passwords browser extensions

Tip:  You can also install extensions on browsers by visiting Passwords Page.

When ‘Excellent! Avast passwords is ready for you to use’ message screen appears, it’s all set, delete your passwords from browsers and start using the Avast Password manager.

You can notice an Avast key icon in the user name and password fields on account login pages, as well as key icon on the Chrome navigation bar.

Avast Passwords key button and extension icon Chrome

Avast Passwords Settings Page 

You can change your Main password, and also set how often you should be asked by Avast to enter Main password by visiting

Settings > GeneralPasswords page, you’ve the options to set on : reboot, Once a Week, Once a day and ‘Twice a day’.

Passwords settings page

If you use Android or iOS, install Avast Passwords on them, and ‘Turn on Synchronization’ in Passwords page.

Passwords Settings page 2

How does Avast make money with the Passwords program by offering to free version users

Avast Passwords free or basic version does these two things

  • Acts as a Password manager for all your devices
  • Autofills online forms

Notifications will be shown to free version user to upgrade Avast Passwords Premium version to enjoy the following benefits

Password guardian and One Touch login

Password Guardian: All your passwords are watched, and you’ll be notified when any of your passwords are leaked or compromised.

One Touch Login: Without typing the Master password again and again, you can sign into accounts by taping on the screen on your mobile device. With this premium feature, a notification will be send to paired mobile device, by confirming it, user will be able to auto sign into Avast Passwords on his PC.

Avast Passwords Basic and Premium comparison table

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What’s your take on Avast Passwords? Has Avast done a good thing by integrating Password Manager in its Free Antivirus? Let us know your thoughts in comments.