If you don’t read the ‘Please don’t skip this’ window that appeared on screen after installing Avast Free Antivirus 2016 or other Avast 2016 product, you won’t forgive yourself, because Avast will collect information about you and shares that information with third-parties, (personally identifiable information won’t be shared).

Opt-out or disable data sharing privacy issue in Avast 2016

Installing Avast 2016 means you’ve given consent to participate in data-sharing with Avast and third-parties, if you don’t want to do participate or to prevent from Avast’s data collection, do this right after installing Avast.

1. Open Avast GUI, click on the Gear icon to open Avast Settings

2. General, Scroll down on the right side, click on ‘Privacy’ to expand and show hidden options and uncheck ‘Participate in data sharing’ 

Avast 2016 participating in data sharing enabled by default for user

3. Click ‘OK’.

Avast Privacy Policy