Unchecky which automatically clears the unrelated toolbar or third-party offers in the installers has got even better and now covers you on web in browsers too. Unchecky 0.4 beta version has added support for handling browser offers. The developer has added warning tooltips and provided an option in Unchecky settings to clear the activity log.

unchecky cleared McAfee Security scan plus optional offer checkbox in Adobe Reader page

Unchecky clears the checkboxes for Adobe offers in browsers now

Till now the program able to uncheck PUPs in installers, but what about software that includes bundledware on their product download page, for instance, site like Adobe offers crapware like McAfee security scan Plus on Flash and Adobe reader download page, This version of Unchecky now unchecks the Adobe offer checkboxes in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers automatically.

unchecky v0.4

Warning tooltips

Unchecky now shows a warning tooltip for the button in the installer on hover over, you can enable this option in Settings of program.

 What’s new in Unchecky 0.4

  • Implemented browser offer handling.
  • Implemented warning tooltips.
  • Added an option to clear the activity log.
  • Added support for Silverlight.
  • Added support for Kuwo Music 2015.
  • Improved support for Java.
  • Improved support for uTorrent.
  • Improved support for iTVA installers.
  • Improved support for several HTML-based installers.
  • Improved support for Novicorp WinToFlash.
  • Improved support for OpenCandy offers.
  • Removed several false positive detections.

Unchecky homepage.

Download unchecky 0.4 | 1.2 MB