Antivirus like AVG, or avast have self-defense module feature which was enabled by default, this module is in place to protect Antivirus program files from being modified or removed by malware. What about Malwarebytes anti-malware? It also features self-protection module, also known as Malwarebytes Chameleon but disabled by default, why? What’s the use of it? Do I need to enable it? We answer your questions below.

You can enable Self-Protection module in Malwarebytes, here is how

  1. Open Malwarebytes
  2. Click Settings > Advanced Settings
  3. Check ‘Enable Self-Protection module‘, you can also ‘check ‘Enable self-protection start‘ which prevents malware from stopping MBAM on booting of Windows.

Enable Self-protection module option in Malwarebytes advanced Settings

How to Enable Rootkit Scanning and Chameleon Self-Protection in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0.0

Self-Protection module use, when and on which system you should be enabling it?

If you use Premium version, real-time protection is enabled by default, so the program catches the malware or viruses before they execute, so self-protection module is not needed to be turned on for you.

If you’re on an infected system with Malwarebytes installed, then you need to activate it, with that, MBAM continues to scan for viruses while chameleon protects the program from being removed by malware.

Note: Real-time protection and self-protection features available in Malwarebytes Premium version only, not in the free version.

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