When you try to  close or exit the Chrome browser when a download or two, in progress, it warns you reminding about the same, Chromium based Opera browser lacks this feature, today, Opera desktop team has finally added a new flag to Opera 34 developer, which when enabled shows ‘Download in progress‘ warning, for which it offers ‘Cancel download’ and ‘Continue browsing’ options.

Auto-hide/Close Chrome’s Download Bar when Downloads are Complete

Opera 34 dev adds ‘Download in progress’ warning dialog

This is what the warning dialog says : ”A download  is still in progress. Do you still want to close the browser and cancel the download?’.

Clicking the first option, cancels the download and closes browser, choosing  the second, makes no changes to opera browser, file download(s) will continue and browser remains open.

Opera 34 showing a download in progress warning dialog

If you want Opera to warn you on closing the browser when a download is taking place

  1. Visit opera://flags page in browser
  2. Find  ‘Downloads in progress warning’ and enable it, restart Opera for changes to take effect.

You can now Reset All Chrome Flags to their defaults

This build incorporates Opera’s new logo, you’ll see it in the next beta and stable releases as well.

Other changes Opera dev build 34.0.2023.0 brought are

  • Support for Linux propeitary codecs
  • Lets you access NPAPI plugins by enabling #disable-npapi flag
  • MSE+MP3 support.

Google to Permanently remove NPAPI Support from Chrome in September 2015

Download Opera 34.0.2423.0 developer