Download Manager (S3) Firefox add-on previously known as ‘S3 Download Statusbar‘ hosted on AMO and available till yesterday, has been pulled down by Mozilla after spying concerns reported on reddit.

After installing the latest update to the add-on, the extension has started asking users to help financially by giving permission to show ads, if the user gives consent, ads will appear on all web pages in Firefox browser and the browsing history of user can be accessed by third-party ad network, which the add-on developer has clearly stated in the privacy policy.

Mozilla pulls Download Manager (S3) add-on from AMO after Spying Concerns

We should note that ads are not enabled by default or forced on users. Here the developer asking the users through add-on to enable ads to help him could be a policy violation. Mozilla has removed the Download manger (s3) add-on from the AMO. 

Firefox Download manager S3 add-on

This is how Mozilla employee reacted to this on reddit,”oshit, that’s not good. following up internally.
Update: Behavior confirmed. We’ll be pulling the add-on in just a moment and following up with the author.”

add-on pricacy policy

He followed up saying to a question why the add-on was not detected with such behavior during AMO review process ” reviewers are humans, and we missed a policy violation in the latest update to this add-on. We’ve completed a preliminary audit of all AMO add-ons and found one similar case. It, too, has been deactivated.”

The add-on developer has few more  add-ons on AMO, of which, S3 Google Transalator is popular and has more number of users. If you’ve installed the add-on, remove it and either stick with Firefox’s built-in panel-based download manager or switch to alternative add-on: Download Status bar.

UPDATE : The add-on has been restored, check Download Manager (S3) add-on’s developer comment for more information.