Have you been repeatedly greeted by ‘this device has been removed from OneDrive’ error recently and if the problem is not yet solved for you by clicking ‘OK’ to the dialog and by merging the OneDrive folder, good news to all affected users! Microsoft has fixed the issue.

If you’ve logged out of the app, just login again, follow the instructions the screen and allow the OneDrive files to sync to your PC.

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Microsoft fixes OneDrive’s device removed error

Software giant assures error won’t repeat again when you sign in again, but hasn’t given any explanation on what happened on their end to get this message.

“We have implemented a fix for our Consumer customers who may have received the error message that their device had been removed from OneDrive. For those who received the error and are logged out, they just need to repeat the login flow to connect the sync engine back to the OneDrive service.”.

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