Google Chrome  automatically shows an audio indicator for music playing tabs and the browser does allow you to mute a tab by clicking on the icon (in fact, multiple number of tabs), you need to enable chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting flag for that.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Mute Tabs in Chrome

Mute tab  keyboard shortcut: The default keyboard shortcut, with which you can mute a tab in Chrome without relation to the flag is Alt+M, this works in Firefox also.

Firefox 42 gets Tab audio indicators and allows one click muting

Muting multiple tabs: Hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and select the tabs that you want to mute, right click on the tab context menu and select ‘mute tabs’. That works and working now.

If you want to customize these shortcuts, install Mute Tab shortcuts extension in the browser and use the below shortcuts or customize them to your liking by visiting Chrome:/extensions page and select ‘keyboard shortcuts’ option.

How to Set keyboard shortcuts for Chrome Extensions?

Mute current tabAlt + Shift + M

Mute all tabsAlt + Shift + Comma

Unmute all tabsAlt + Shift + Period

The default shortcuts which Chrome, extension and you create, all will work when they’re different.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Switch between Tabs in Chrome

Note: The flag we mentioned in the article may not last long it will be removed by Google once they enable the feature.

Mute Tab Shortcuts Chrome Extension