If you’re using Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers in Windows 10, then you should know Firefox 41 or after versions, allow you to import Edge favorites into Firefox browser, Mozilla hasn’t mentioned this in the version 41 change log. But the fact is open source browser’s import wizard has already got this option some time back.

Importing Edge bookmarks into Firefox

1 .Open Firefox browser, use Ctrl+Shift+ B to open the library window

2. Click on ‘Import and Backup’ and choose ‘Import Data from Another Browser’

FIrefox import Settings and Data window Microsoft Edge

3. Ensure Microsoft Edge is selected, click on ‘Next‘ and select the items to import from: Cookies and Favorites, click ‘Next’ and wait for the Edge bookmarks import process to complete, once import completed dialog is shown, click ‘Finish’ button.

Edge favorites selected to import

4. You’ll find the imported bookmarks under ‘Bookmarks menu’ in ‘From Microsoft Edge‘ folder on the left sidebar of the library window.

FIrefox import Settings and Data window Microsoft Edge