From version 32, Google Chrome has started showing audio indicators for music playing tabs, it took two years for Chromium team to add ‘mute tab’ button, it is now available to public in Chrome 46, which has recently lost OK Google feature. If you’ve not used beta or developer channels of Chrome to experience muting tabs feature, here is how you can do that in Chrome version 46.

How to mute and unmute tabs in Chrome 46

UPDATE February, 15, 2018: The ability to mute and unmute individual tabs has been taken away by Google in Chrome 64 with introduction of site muting option, still you can mute or unmute tabs, for that, READ: Chrome 64+: How to mute Tabs (not sites).

Right click on a tab that is showing audio indicator and making noise, select ‘Mute tab’, to unmute it, right click on the same tab and select ‘Unmute tab’.

Do you want shortcuts to mute tabs in Chrome?  Use Alt+M to mute or unmute the video.

To mute multiple tabs at once, follow this little trick.

Hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard, select the music playing tabs one by one, right click on the last tab you’ve selected and select ‘Mute tabs‘.

Important note: You’ve to use either the keyboard shortcut or context menu option to do both the actions: muting and unmuting. But you shouldn’t be doing this and it doesn’t work also: mute a tab and use shortcut to unmute the tab, and vice versa. Have you got it?

This version of Chrome now doesn’t autoplay YouTube videos that are playing in the background tabs.