OneDrive on Windows started troubling users with an error message ‘This device has been removed from OneDrive To use OneDrive on this device, click OK to set up OneDrive again’.

Affected users have to re-setup the app from the beginning to use on their computers, but that hasn’t helped some, as they greeted with same dialog again after some time or after rebooting the device.

This OneDrive issue is not specific to a particular Windows version, Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 machines have got this.

OneDrive removed from device popup

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Fixing OneDrive’s This device has been removed Error

1. Redoing the Setup and choosing the same OneDrive folder to sync files has fixed the issue for us.

2. If that doesn’t help, Microsoft suggests Windows 10 users to run Microsoft Account troubleshooter as it fixed the issue for some.