If you’ve installed Windows Essentials and using Live Writer, you may’ve seen Windows Essentials 2012 notification to make Bing as default search provider for browsers and it has another setting -Help improve our products and services- ticked to collect data about your computer and how you use Windows Essentials.

At that time, you can uncheck both and close that notification thing, but it may reappear after certain period of time. if you don’t want to get this in future with this program installed on your computer, do this.

Windows Essentials 2012 popup asks to make Bing default search provider

How to remove Bing Search box from IE11’s New Tab Page?

Disable Windows Essentials 2012’s ‘Make Bing as default Search Provider’ Notification

1.Navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Installer

2. Backup wlsettings.exe to another location on your computer and delete it.

Removing wlsettings no way affects functioning of  live Writer or other Live programs or you won’t get any errors regards to it

Note: Restore the file if you face any issues.