Avira software has finally given a name to its Avira browser, its Avira Scout. If you don’t know: Avira has decided to build its own secure browser based on Chromium. For this browser, the German antivirus firm gives more emphasis on security and privacy, and the browser comes preinstalled with open source extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger, and Avira browser safety extension.

Avira Scout

Like Google Chrome, Avira Scout doesn’t show preinstalled HTTPS everywhere, Privacy Badger and ABS extensions in the extensions page to the users, doing so may confuse them.

For now, DuckDuckGo has been set as the default search engine (this may or may not change in future), you can able to choose and change any other search engine by visiting the browser settings.

Avira browser safety blocks trackers on websites based on blacklists they maintain, you can click on the ABS bar on any webpage and know the tracker information. Privacy badger extension also blocks trackers, Yes! Avira Scout uses both extensions to block trackers.

Avira scout

Avira Browser Tracking Blocker Powered by Abine Do Not Track Plus

No flash or proprietary codes  

Initial versions of browser releases come without flash or MP3, H.264, MP4, and AAC proprietary codecs support.

Avira Scout based on Chromium 45 ATM is still in beta.

Download Avira Scout by signing up for testing in the Avira beta center.