This is cool! You can now add your last tweet from Twitter to your Yahoo Mail Signature. This Feature is not enabled by default. After turning the feature on, you can also delete the tweet while composing a message.

How to add your last tweet in Yahoo Mail signature automatically

Before activating this, your twitter account needs to be connected to Yahoo, for that,

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Connecting Twitter and Yahoo accounts

When you’re in YMail, 

  • Click on Gear icon > Settings > Accounts , click ‘Connect’ under ‘Social accounts’ for ‘Twitter’
  • If you’re already signed into your Twitter account, authorize Yahoo to use your account.

Main part

1. Now click on Gear icon > Settings > Accounts,

2. Click on ‘Primary Yahoo’ or your email address under ‘Email Accounts’,

3. Scroll down and check ‘Include your latest Tweet from Twitter‘ and click ‘Save’ button.

Yahoo Mail signature option in Settings

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Your last tweet you posted on Twitter automatically appears in your signature in Yahoo Mail, you can see it when you compose a new message and receptions who received your email also sees the tweet in your signature.

Yahoo Mail compose showing the tweet in your signature

Source: Yahoo mail blog.

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