Chrome 45 stable has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and is available to download with changes, bug fixes and new features. If you’re using Chrome 44 version, click on the menu, select ‘about Google Chrome’ to check for updates and restart the browser to install the update.

Chrome 45 final

What’s new in Google Chrome 45

Menu Changes:

When you open this version of Chrome and check the menu, you can see some changes to it, it is more compact now, Chromium team has restructured the menu.

new menu in Chrome 45

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Chrome pauses unnecessary flash content by default

This version has a setting for ‘Plugins’ in ‘Content Settings’ set to ‘Detect and run important plugin content(recommended), in previous 44 and earlier versions, it was set to ‘Run all Plugin content’.

This change improves performance and saves your battery also as Chrome automatically deactivates non-necessary flash plugin content on the sidebars of websites (that could be ads) without interrupting the flash content ‘central to the webpage’.

Update: This change not yet rolled onto Stable version.

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NPAPI Support

Google permanently removed the override and the NPAPI plugins support from Chrome 45.

Open Source Chromium has hotwording disabled by default

Though this is not related to Chrome 45, but to Chromium 45. After the privacy concerns raised by users, Chromium team made this change: Chromium builds from version 45 will  have ‘Ok Google’ hotwording disabled by default, Chrome versions unaffected.

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And Chrome new tab now shows 8 thumbnails by default, instead of 6.

Avatar or user menu

Last but not the least, the workaround we’ve provided to disable avatar menu is still working in this version. Don’t blame us if it stops working with future updates, because Google already said in a comment, that flag won’t work for long.

Starting September 3, Google will disable inline installation of extensions that are linked to deceptive sites and ads in Chrome browser.

Answers in Omnibox suggestions:  Without visiting, omnibox shows answers for queries you type in dropdown in suggestions.

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UPDATE September 04, 2015Google Chrome 45 gets Smarter at Restoring Previous Tabs, Uses less Memory and Power