Protect your Privacy in Microsoft Edge browser by disabling Cortana and Page Prediction features. Lot of privacy issues found in Windows 10, despite adjusting the Privacy Settings, Windows 10 still collects information about you and sends to Microsoft.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge browser, you should know this too: by using Cortana with Edge and Page Prediction features which are turned on by default, Edge browsing history will be send to Microsoft, but it can be stopped or turned off says Microsoft in its Edge Privacy FAQ, here is how.

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Prevent Edge from sending your browsing history to Microsoft

If you’ve Cortana available in your Country, Edge has Cortana feature, you can right click on a word or phrase on a web page and ask it for more information on it.

Disabling Cortana in Edge

If you use Cortana with Edge, browsing data  will send to Microsoft, to stop that from happening,

1. In Edge, click on More actions Menu > Settings,

2. Under Advanced Settings, select ‘View Advanced Settings’, under Privacy and Services,

3. Disable” Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge’.

Cortana setting in Edge

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Turn off Page Prediction in Microsoft Edge browser

Page prediction setting which enabled by default in Edge sends your browsing history to Microsoft

Follow above mentioned steps from 1 to 2 and turn off ‘Use Page Prediction to speed up browsing, improve reading, and make my overall experience better’.

Edge Page Predition Setting

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