A free tool is now available to disable Get Windows 10 icon. Before Windows 10 launch, Windows 7 or 8.1 users are desperate to get Windows 10 app icon on their taskbar, not anymore! As Windows 10 has been launched month ago and can be installed (means upgrading here) without the need of that icon through Media Creation Tool or by using the USB drive or ISO image created with MRT.

If you’re still on Windows 7 or 8 and don’t want to upgrade now, but that notification icon is still nags you about Windows 10, know this: you can disable it and allow it to reappear whenever you want with GWX Stopper tool.

GWX Stopper

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Image credit: Ultimate Outsider blog

Disable Get Windows 10 Upgrade notification icon with GWX Shopper

Download the free and portable tool, it shows Get Windows 10 app installed, running and enabled status separately, if you don’t want the icon to appear again, click on ‘Disable ‘Get Windows 10′ App (permanently remove icon)’.

If you want to see that icon again, run GWX Stopper and click ‘Enable Get Windows 10′ App’, and the icon will appear immediately.

Reason behind Microsoft’s release of Get Windows 10 app icon

Let me clarify the real use of the upgrade icon is to check your system for Windows 10 compatibility issues, if you’ve reserved, that means your system is eligible or compatible to run Windows 10, that’s it.

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