With the newly released snapshot, Vivaldi team has added Private browsing mode to their browser. No keyboard shortcut has been provided for ‘New Private Window’ ATM, but in future releases, they’ll allow users to use Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut, which Chrome and Opera users using from ages to launch incognito mode.

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Vivaldi offers Private browsing mode option

To enter into the PB mode, click on V menu > File > New Private Window.

Vivaldi Private browsing mode icon

Unlike to Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers, Vivaldi doesn’t highlight the page that you’re browsing privately, Yes! Vivaldi doesn’t have a dedicated page for PB mode now.

It just opens Speed dial or Start page by default by giving visual clues to user with PB mode icon (little too small) and stripes in the address bar and search bar. This initial version design of Private mode has been poorly implemented.

For a Vivaldi user, it’s very difficult to distinguish between a regular window and a private window, check the below screenshot.

Vivaldi Regular vs private window

Improved Web Panels

Web Panel feature has been rewritten, if you’ve created any web panels in the previous snapshots, after upgrading to this, they’ll be lost, so you’ve to add them again. Web Panel title bar height has been decreased and an option to hide the web panel has been provided.

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Update: Since Ctrl+Q shortcut is used for quitting an application in Linux, Vivaldi team has removed that shortcut for Quick Commands. However, you can access the same using F2  on Windows.

You can remap Ctrl+Q again for Quick Commands on Windows by visiting V menu > Tools > Settings > Keyboard.

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