Finally, there is a way to export bookmarks saved in Opera. The new Chromium based Opera lets you import bookmarks from other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and through an HTML file. But Opera doesn’t let you export bookmarks, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

You can export Opera bookmarks to an HTML file and later they can be imported to another browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

UPDATE June 20, 2017Opera 47 now lets you Export Bookmarks

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Export Opera Bookmarks to an HTML file

1. In Opera, visit add-ons gallery site and install Bookmarks Import & Export extension

2. Once installed, click on its icon on the toolbar and click on ‘Export

Opera bookmarks import & Export extension

Once Export successful message was shown, visit Opera://downloads page and click on ‘show in folder’ to see and access bookmarks.html from the downloaded location.

Note: Developer says this extension ignores the nested folders during the import/export process, they’ll be converted to regular folders.

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How to Import Bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

Locating Opera bookmarks file in profile folder

You can find Opera bookmarks file in the following location

Use the run dialog and type this command to get there %appdata%\Opera Software\Opera Stable

Opera bookmarks file location

UPDATE: Those who haven’t found the above mentioned Opera extension as it doesn’t preserve structure of nested folders, you can try another extension V7 Bookmarks, bookmark manager in sidebar with many features.

This extension developer claims to export opera bookmarks tree with/with out favions to HTML file.


V7 Bookmarks Opera extension options

You can able to sort bookmarks alphabetically, merge bookmarks and remove duplicates as well.

Download V7 Bookmarks