This is the Google Chrome’s tagline:’ A Web browser built for Speed, Simplicity and Security’, Chrome isn’t speedier and responsive as it was before when first launched, the Chromium team seems to have forgotten about it and concentrated on adding new features.

Now Google has got some serious feedback and criticism from users that Chrome is very slow and eating system resources like crazy with its multi-process architecture. Guess what! Chromium team has heard you and included a ton of improvements in Chrome 45 release to make your browsing to use less memory and power.

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Chrome 45 now faster and memory efficient than before

Chrome Smartly restores important tabs first from previous session

Memory improvements

We all know Chrome has an option ‘Continue where you left off’ (on startup, Chrome only launches the new tab page by default) which, when selected by a user, restores tabs from the last session.

Chrome has gone smarter here and it restores tabs in a most to least recently viewed order, means only your important tabs will be loaded first and faster, and if your computer is low on resources, then rest of tabs won’t be loaded to save memory, you can click  on them to load anyway.

When a website is idle for a certain amount of time, its old and unused memory will be purged aggressively. Google claims this frees up nearly 1/4 of the memory used for Gmail.

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Power improvements

All Chrome versions now, except stable, ‘auto-pause non-essential flash ads so your battery lasts up to 15% longer’, this feature will be turned by default for all users on release version.

Other performance improvements are coming

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