Google Chrome 45 has been released and some users using Comodo Firewall or Comodo Internet Security on Windows have noticed the browser has been crashing constantly by showing the error information which helps you to troubleshoot the issue.

If that information shows ‘guard32.dll’ or ‘guard64.dll’(which belongs to Comodo security application) in Faulting module name, you can confirm its something has to do with conflicting application (here is Comodo) you’re using on your computer than with Chrome.

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Adding Chrome as an exception in HIPS fixes the problem without need to uninstall the application.

Fix Comodo Firewall crashes Google Chrome 45

1. In Comodo Firewall, go to Defense+ > HIPS > HIPS Settings > Detect Shellcode Injection [Exclusions]

2. Add Chrome.exe to the exclusion list.

If you’re not using Comodo and still this version of Chrome crashes for you, try to launch the browser by adding


flag after Chrome.exe after giving a single space.

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Try this method

  1. on 32-bit Windows (only  Chrome x86 affected, not 64 version) navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application’
  2. Rename Chrome.exe to Chrome1.exe.

UPDATE September 8, 2015: Comodo has released a new hotfix release for products that caused Chrome to crash.

For instance, just released Comodo Internet Security version has this fix included.

Here is the changelog: Compatibility with Google Chrome 45.x issue.

So affected users are suggested to update to these versions.