Bitdefender 2016 product range is now available, but the users have trouble in installing Bitdefender Internet Security 2016, Bitdefender Central is only allowing to install Bitdefender Total Security.

Bitdefender 2016 Issues

Bitdefender Central

Installing BDIS trial, without visiting BD Central, denies the user from signing into it by showing unexpected error, thus user not able to activate the trial version also.

Bitdefender Central unexpected error

Bitdefender Subscription model

Upgrading from Bitdefender 2015 to 2016

Besides these, Bitdefender has entered into subscription model and starting from 2016, they no longer use license keys, which also making users to difficult to adapt to new model and the upgrade from 2015 or earlier versions to 2016. They’ve to visit BD central and enter their license key as activation code and need to upgrade.

Download Full 30-day Trial Versions of Bitdefender 2016 Products

Windows 10 restarts when you shutdown

With any one of Bitdefender 2016 product installed on Windows 10, when you shutdown the computer, the system restarts. The security company is aware of this and suggests users to choose sleep in place of shutdown.

You can shutdown by holding the shift button and click on power button > Shutdown or lock your screen and shutdown the computer from there.

UPDATE: Seems Bitdefender has pushed an update and fixed the shutdown issue. Open Bitdefender interface, click on ‘Update’, restart when events highlights. You should be on or over build after the update.