How to disable Ransomware Protection, Wallet and Safego Safeypay features in Bitdefender 2016. Bitdefender company confirms Ransomware protection module is on by default in Bitdefender 2016 products, but those who’ve installed noticed it’s been disabled by default.

Ransomware Protection automatically protects files in Documents, Pictures and Onedrive folders from being encrypted and held for ransom. You may want it to protect these important files during the boot too.

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Bitdefender Ransomware Protection blocks Trusted applications too

If you’ve turned the protection on manually, know this: some trusted applications can also be blocked by the security feature. (For instance on our computer, wordpad.exe has been blocked, check the screenshot below), you need to add them to trusted list then (by clicking ‘allow’).

BD RS Protection application blocked

Warning: ‘Bitdefender blocked a potentially unsafe applicatiom that attempted to change or delete your files: wordpad.exe Targetted folder : documents. Blocked application:wordpad.exe. ‘

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Disabling Ransomware Protection in Bitdefender 2016

If Ransomeware protection is causing problems to you by flagging daily apps use, you can turn it off and re-enable whenever you want, here is how.

1. Open BD interface, click on Modules, Ransomware Protection

2. Toggle the Module status to Off.
Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Rasnsomware Protection Module

Disabling Bitdefender Wallet

You may have seen pop ups or notifications about Bitdefender Wallet after installing the product on your computer.

If you’re not planning to use it, you can disable, here is how.

1. Open Bitdefender interface

2. Click on Modules > Privacy , click on ‘Password Manager’ and disable the feature.

Bitdefender 2016 Wallet

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Disabling Bitdefender Safego  Safepay

1. Open Bitdefender interface

2. Click on ‘Safepay‘ to launch in the browser

3. While you’re in the Bitdefender SafePay browser, click on hot dogs icon > Settings

4. In General Settings, under ‘when banking or shopping, choose the best option that fits your needs:, choose ‘Do not recommend me to use safepay’.

5. And close the Safepay browser to apply or save the changes.