By now all Windows 10 users are familiar with the Store issues, to the latest, when you try to download the popular Reddit app ‘Readit’ from the Windows 10 Store, you’ll be greeted with this error “Try the download again something happened on our end.” This something happened error is hunting new Windows users from the start of the upgrade.

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Windows 10 Store’s ‘Try the download again’ Error

Though this error could be new (?), it confirms that Store has still app download issues for users which Microsoft hasn’t fixed. Windows 10 Store App update doesn’t seem to have solved these issues, or it has fixed other issues, we don’t know.

Windows 10 Store try the download again error

P.S. after getting this error we’re able to download and install two other apps — VLC and Dropbox –without any issues.

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So can we say issues in the Store are limited to some apps? Microsoft what are you doing?