Uninstall OnerDrive in Windows 10 with a single click by using this batch file. If you use Google Drive or Dropbox and not OneDrive on Windows 10, then you should know OneDrive keeps running in the background, it’s a waste of resources. Windows 10 doesn’t offer an easy way to get rids of OneDrive, but you can uninstall or remove it completely in an easy way.

Quick Uninstalling of OneDrive in Windows 10

1. Download OneDriveUninstaller batch file created by Melerix

2. Right click on the cmd file, select ‘Run as administrator’, wait for the OneDrive uninstall process to finish, press any key to exit the command prompt after that.

3. We’ve tested this, it has successfully uninstalled OneDrive from our Windows 10 computer.


This batch file does the following things

  • Closes the running OneDrive process
  • Uninstalls OneDrive and removes its leftovers also
  • Also removes the OneDrive from the Explorer side panel.

We’ve uploaded the same file to Mediafire, to avoid in future issues in downloading of it.

OneDrive Uninstaller batch file alternate download link.

We’ve tested both files on VirusTotal, both are virus-free.