Opera 33 lands on developer stream. Opera 33 developer based on Chromium 46.0.2471.2 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux Platforms and available for testing.

Though Opera desktop team hasn’t mentioned about new features in this release, this build contains more improvements and bug fixes expect the Opera team to reveal or announce new features hid in this version  in the future dev updates.

What’s new in Opera 33 developer

Some of the new flags that have added to dev version are:

  • New Tabs model
  • Other Speed Dials Cleaner
  • Video Themes
  • Substring matching for Autofill suggestions
  • Simplified fullscreen / mouse lock UI

Opera 33

You need to visit about:flags and search, to see these. These are new experimental features, some of them may crash the browser when enabled. That’s what developer version is all about. You can reset all flags to default if that happens.

Do note Opera PDF Viewer is not working even when it is set as default PDF Reader in Windows 10, it’s a known issue, Opera is working on this.

Check the Opera 33 dev version change log.

Download Opera 33.0.1963.0