Opera 31 final based on Chromium 44 has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is available to download. Opera Software claims this version improves the startup speed of the browser by 70% when compared to the previous versions.

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Opera 31 stable now starts more faster than before

This has been made possible by eliminating the multiple read and writes of the same data during the start of browser, which allows Opera to access the hard drive more efficiently. There is also an another important change on Windows: the time to access the hard drive has been reduced, thanks to the DLL preloading technique.

redesigned Discover feature in Opera 31

All internal Opera pages got redesigned, but the Discover page has the edge in this version as it has a better layout.

Windows 10 Default Apps Issue: How to set Chrome as default browser?

Opera default browser Window 10

Coming to Windows 10 support or compatibility, previous Opera 30 has it. But Opera has fallen behind Mozilla and Google in the default browser development on new Windows at the moment.

When user tries to set either Chrome or Firefox as default in Windows 10, ‘Default Apps’  in the Settings will be displayed directly to the user without showing any prompt, whereas Opera including current 31 version shows that annoying prompt to visit the Settings app. Opera team is working for a better solution on this.

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Download Opera 31