After upgrading to Windows 10 from a previous Windows version that has a Norton product installed (or if you’ve installed the latest version of the Norton product on Windows 10) users have experienced desktop flickering, Symantec has indeed acknowledged the problem and released a Fix tool to address the issue.

Norton Security with Backup

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How to use or run Norton’s Screen Fix tool on Windows 10

You need to run Screen_Fix tool released by Norton in Safe mode with networking option, for that,

1. Since your screen is flickering you may not able to open other programs, but you can access Task Manager by using ‘Ctrl+Shift +Esc’ keyboard shortcut

2. Once Task Manager appears, click File > Run new task, type msconfig and press enter

3. In the System configuration dialog window, click on ‘Boot’ tab, check ‘Safe boot ‘ and select ‘Network’.

4. When you’re prompted to restart your computer, click ‘restart’,

5. Now Download the fix tool, save to your computer, right click on it and select ‘Run as administrator’

6. Now opening system configuration utility by typing ‘msconfig’ without quotes in the Run dialog box

7.  Uncheck ‘Safe Boot’ in Boot tab and restart your computer in normal mode.

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If you’re not using any Norton Product on Windows, then know: iCloud and IDT Audio are also causing this problem, if you’re not using any of these software, read how to fix screen flashing issue in Windows 10.