Vivaldi browser now has smooth scrolling feature. Another Vivaldi snapshot has been released and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux. This snapshot adds new features such as typed history and  smooth scrolling, and includes improvements to web panels, fixes to extensions and a better looking preferences page.

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What’s new in Vivaldi

Smooth Scrolling

The most requested Smooth scrolling feature has made its way into the Vivaldi browser with this snapshot, Vivaldi team has enabled the feature by default. If you find Smooth scrolling not so smooth like in Opera 12, then you can disable it by Vivaldi with



Typed history

When you press a down arrow on the keyboard, typed history will appear in the address bar, useful to see what you’ve typed or the pages you’ve visited so far in the browser.

Vivaldi typed history

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Settings page has got even better now, it now has new icons for each section, makes it easy to locate sections you’re looking for.

This snapshot includes back and reload buttons for the web Panels they’ve newly added in the last snapshot and comes with fixes to issues: ‘extensions failing to run and tab problems in vertical layout and Quick Commands’.

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Download Vivaldi