After 3 weeks, we’ve now a new Vivaldi snapshot available, this snapshot has introduced Web Panels, added support for more extensions, shows advanced animation while a page is loading in the URL bar and includes tab performance improvements.

What’s new in Vivaldi

Web Panels

You can now add a mobile optimized site to the web panel in the sidebar. To get started, click on ‘+’ sign and enter the URL to create a new web panel.  These are great for viewing sites like Twitter, hackernews in the sidebar with tabs open in the browser.

Vivaldi with web Panels and extension icons in the toolbar

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UI for extension buttons

Vivaldi browser has already got basic extension support, now they’ve added support for Extension buttons UI (Page actions and browser actions).

“Extensions that use page actions will place an icon inside URL field, while extensions using browser actions place their icons to the far right of the address bar.”

If you use Chrome browser, you already know about these changes.

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Progress bar

Page loading now shows more details through an animation like number of page elements loaded, and page size. Opera 12 used to do that in the past. Opera Software then allowed to disable it, we can’t find an option for this in this release.

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