New Vivaldi snapshot has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. This snapshot includes a tab cycler and improves the cookie management.

What’s new in Vivaldi Snapshot

Tab Cycler

Before this snapshot, when you cycle the tabs using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl +Tab), Vivaldi doesn’t cycle tabs in a particular order, ‘Tab Cycler’ introduced in this version solves this problem ” by displaying the list of tabs in the same order and giving your extra visual clues such as page title and a thumbnail.”


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Better Cookie management

Cookie Control in previous versions showed only count of cookies for each domain, this version improves that and gives more control to you by allowing to view and delete individual cookies.

To see this change, Visit Settings > Privacy > Cookie Control > Cookies.

Vivaldi cookies

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Known issues

  • Vivaldi is only shown in English
  • Autoupdate to this version is disabled—we don’t want to update people to a language they are uncomfortable with
  • Tabs opened in the background can’t be switched to via Ctrl+Tab

Vivaldi installation issues

Note: Vivaldi installer failed to install this version by showing the error: The installer failed to uncompress the archive. Please download Vivaldi again.’

Even though they said the issue was fixed on their server side, we couldn’t able to install this Vivaldi snapshot on our computer. And from the known issues, you can notice they’ve disabled the autoupdate as well, so you can’t update to this from previous Vivaldi version installed on your system also.

UPDATE: The issue has been fixed, you can now download and install Vivaldi without any issues.

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Download Vivaldi (best of luck!).