For those users who stuck in an infinite reboot loop to install Windows 10 cumulative update KB3081424, Microsoft has a fix now available in the form of KB3081440 (seems scheduled to arrive later as it is not available to install via Windows Update at the time of writing this article).

The issue can be manually solved by deleting unnecessary profiles from registry that no longer exist on your computer, but we’ve to accept it’s a complicated task for novice users.

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KB3081440 Update to fix Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3081424 Install Failures

In a post on the forum, Microsoft support engineer asks “After installing Windows 10, when I try to install Windows Update KB3081424, it says “We couldn’t complete the updates.  Undoing the changes”, and then reboots.  When I check the Event Logs, it shows Error 0x80070003.  The update then repeatedly fails with this error each time it tries to install.”

Another Microsoft forum moderator gave this reply: “We have released a fix for this issue through Windows Update in KB3081440.  This update repairs a problem involving user profiles that may have prevented KB3801424 from installing on some systems.”

” This fix will install automatically when updates are scheduled to run.  If you were experiencing this issue, please check to make sure you’ve installed recent updates.  If you’re still experiencing problems installing Cumulative Update KB3081424 after installing this fix, please post this information to the forums.” he confirmed.

Download KB3081440 update manually

Actually, KB3081440 with the name ‘Compatibility update for upgrading to Windows 10’ is  supposed to ‘make improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10’.

You can also manually download and install this update visiting Microsoft Update Catalog site in Internet Explorer.

If you’ve issue with installing KB3081436, wait for Microsoft to admit and fix the issue.