Windows 10 has been released on July 29, some users after the upgrade have encountered issues with Start menu, Cortana and shutting down their PC from start menu, and there are other bugs like Start Menu can’t display apps more than 512.

Microsoft has released KB3081424 aka ‘Cumulative Security update for Windows 10: august 5, 2015’ (Gabe calls it as a ‘new servicing rollup’, SR1), which is now available to insiders( if you’ve left the insider program time to join again as Gabe said new preview are coming) as well Windows 10 final users on Windows Update.

KB3081424 update

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KB3081424 Update for Windows 10

This update of size 325 MB includes all previously-released fixes installed by KB3074683 plus new fixes (we don’t know to what are they and to which issues). If you’ve installed KB3074683 update, then this update downloads and installs only new fixes on your computer, it could take a minute or two.

We can confirm that this update has fixed the Settings app issue, which on clicking launches the Store instead of Settings.

Link: KB3081424

Are you feeling the Windows 10 a bit snappier after installing this update.