Know this fact or bug info: Start Menu in Windows 10 at the moment can’t display more than 512 apps, fix is under testing says Microsoft. There is a PowerShell command that lets you know the number of apps your start menu’s All apps now has in the new Windows OS.

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Find the number of Apps present in Your start menu in Windows 10

1. Use Win+S to open Cortana, type ‘PowerShell’ and launch it

2. Run this command ‘Get-StartApps | measure’ (without quotes).

PowerShell showing installed Apps count

If the number displayed by PowerShell is greater than 512, then you could be missing some apps for access in the Start menu.

In our testing, Windows 10 Preview build 10240 displayed the apps count as 142, where the Windows 10 final showed the figure as 82.

FYI, ‘All apps’ lists built-in Windows Apps, System apps, and Store apps and desktop applications installed on your computer.

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