After installing Windows 10 insider build 10525, 64-bit Chrome has crashed for all users using on it (32-bit is working fine), seems Sandbox is breaking the browser (FYI, running 64-bit Chrome with no-sandbox has resulted zero crashes or aw snap errors to the users) Chromium team has acknowledged the issue and suggested users to not to opt-in to insider Windows 10 builds.

“Insider builds (fast and slow rings) for Windows 10 are not guaranteed to always be stable, since they are often internal builds – “some software might not install or work correctly” .

My recommendation would be that if you are using your PC for any important work you don’t opt-in to insider Windows 10 builds.”

They are in no hurry to fix the problem, it will be fixed in the next version though.

“Depending on the stability of this change we will try and get it into the next major release of Chrome.”

They hinted next major version, it could be 46 but not 45, we can not confirm that though.

Uninstall 64-bit version and install 32-bit Chrome on Windows 10 build 10525

Running Chrome 64-bit by disabling sandbox feature is not good for security reasons, what you should be doing is uninstall the 64-bit version and install 32-bit, as it is working fine, or don’t use insider builds at all and use Windows 10 RTM version if you’ve installed.