Registry hack to upgrade to Windows 10 after getting the error 80240020. When Windows 10 downloading has finished in the background (yes! The User doesn’t know about it here), when you check ‘View update history’ in Windows Update, you may see an error with these complete details when you open it, saying: ‘upgrade to Windows 10 Pro’ ‘installation status’ as ‘failed’ with details about the error as ‘code 80240020’.

Upgrade to Windows 10 pro installation failed error code 80240020

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Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Installation failed Error 80240020

If you’ve encountered this error, don’t think upgrade download has been corrupted and know this: there is no issue with your upgrade or reservation. If you’ve gotten this error, you can install Windows 10 immediately by altering a key in the registry.

1. Open the registry editor and navigate to


2. Create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value, give it a name as AllowOSUpgrade and assign the value: 0x00000001.

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3. If the (OSUpgrade) key mentioned in the first step doesn’t exist for you, create it (right click on Windows Update > New > Key) and after that, follow the step 2.

4. Exit from registry editor, open desktop control panel, visit Windows Update and check for updates. ‘Get Started button’ will now appear to upgrade to Windows 10.

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