Your touch screen on a laptop or tablet that worked fine in Windows 8 denies to function in Windows 10 Chrome after the upgrade, here is the fix for that. When you upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10, one known issue that users are experiencing is missing of incognito mode in Chrome, that has to do with your Microsoft family account.

Visiting Microsoft website and removing child account fixes the issue, and re-enables the incognito option and also the private browsing feature in the Google browser.

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Fix Touch doesn’t work in Chrome on Windows 10

Chrome is not a touch-friendly browser from the beginning. Don’t worry! You can force it to always detect touch screen on startup (in Windows 10) by enabling a flag, by default it was set to ‘Automatic’, here is how.

1. Visit about:flags or chrome://flags in browser address bar

2. Find ‘Enable touch events’ flag (or directly visit this chrome://flags/#touch-events in omnibox) and change setting to ‘Enabled‘, relaunch the browser to apply the changes.

Enable touch support for Chrome in Windows 10

Do you’ve this touch screen issue for Chrome on Windows 10?