Here is an easy solution to screen flash issue in Windows 10. After the update to Windows 10, some users experienced continuous flashing on their screens, they can’t open any program at that point of time, restarting the computer hasn’t worked.

We don’t know they’ve tried the reset option or (may be) they’re not willing to do that. But for a lot of affected users, the following fix has been worked, we’re covering it here.

A user posted a comment in this post saying “Installing windows 10 has completely stuffed my computer! It keeps flashing on and off when I get to the desktop. I have restarted it many times but no luck. I have a uni assignment to do and cannot get onto my computer. Very angry. Any suggestions???”.

Fix Screen flashing issue in Windows 10

1. Open Task Manager, click File > Run new task, type ‘msconfig’ without quotes and press enter

2. Click on ‘Services’ tab, find two services named ‘Problem Reports and Solution Control Panel ‘and ‘Windows Error Reporting Service‘ (check the screenshot below), uncheck them to disable, if Windows prompts you for a restart, do it.

System Configuration Services tab Windows 10

3. After the restart, hopefully your screen may not flash.

If this doesn’t help, you may need to go back to previous Windows from Windows 10.

UPDATE August 21, 2015: Using Norton on Windows 10? Read this : Norton Releases a Fix Tool to Stop Desktop Flickering in Windows 10